Each piece of Nasimiyu’s jewelry is a unique work of art which is both functional and aesthetic. Therefore it is very difficult to create a fixed price. The price range depends on the style, the materials used, and the labor taken in making each 'one of a kind' jewelry.

• Earrings (cow horn, nuts, brass, and beads)              $95   to   $750     
• Ceremonial Waist Beads ;                                         $145  to  $175                                                  
• Bracelet singles;                                                        $450 to   $1500                                              
• Ceremonial  Bracelets multi-strand;                         $695 to  $2,500       
• Necklace singles;                                                      $450 to  $5,000                     
• Ceremonial Necklaces multi-strand;                         $950 to  $25,000     
• Two in one Necklace or belt;                                    $1600 to $3,500

• Hand woven sisal and beaded bags. From Baobab Tree BARK
 $300 to $3,000

*Recycled Plastic & Sisal Handwoven Bags

$295 to $1,800

* For any items in One of a Kind Collection please contact me by phone or e-mail.

The hand woven, beaded bags are either created in one piece, or  'three in one'. Some have removable handles which can be worn as a necklace or a belt. The closure can be worn as a bracelet also, whilst attaching your favorite scarf to the bag.

• Single;            $1,800 to $2,500
• Three in One;  $3,900 to $ 7,500

In order for our stylist to help with selecting the perfect piece, we encourage  our customers to send samples of the colors they like to wear and let us know their hair and eye color. It is also beneficial to get an idea of the customers price range. Then we can send or email a selection of  photos before the customer makes a decision. We can also arrange for the customer to try on the piece before they purchase . Feel free to contact me for any additional information.

 Payment can be via Square or other arrangements. 

  *Returns for exchange only within 2 weeks. No refunds

     All Nasimiyu pieces are signed.