About Us


Nasimiyu’s Jewelery reminds us of our ancestral spirits and connects us to our universal nature. In remembering and honoring our cultural  traditions  the jewelry and beads convey that we are never alone. They give us security, continuous comfort, and strength in the spirit of oneness with the universal all. Working with beads is re-combining the spirits and souls of the ancestors and the wearer’s innermost feelings, by recycling their past and  present using recycled strings from the car tires.   

Each piece is one of a kind, inspired and created by Nasimiyu, using African trade beads as well as other beads.   The result is a work of art that carries with it a rich, historical culture and personal story, showing that the magical beauty of the whole is so much more than the parts from which it is made. The art is like the African sense of community where it is clear that  “We is always more than me”.