We must look for primal causes in the wearing of beads. Some psychiatrists trace beads adornment to feeling of security connected with eye sight.   

The eyes may be a basic clue to elemental power of rounded objects……. It’s with the eyes that mother and child communicate before speech develops and the meeting of the eyes fails. We begin life with the relatedness to eyes; we are protected by seeing, we feel secure there is light. Eyes have been described as, shining, laughing, dancing, glowing, glaring, gleaming – like beads – and are, like beads, colored blue, green, gray, and golden.   

The “eye bead”, a common type of bead resembles the form of an eye was created in early man’s cultures. Eye beads were used to meet people age- old need for protection against malevolence- “The Evil Eye

Eye beads became “Eyes that can see in all directions” and thereby served as protective amulets against The Evil Eye. Inexorable, the viewer is drawn to look at eye beads but because of the their realism, they disturb rather than charm and therefore encourage the viewer to look from them and the from the vulnerable throats they encircle