Born to Aid was established in 2003 by Nasimiyu Wekesa. She has first hand experience of the devastation and suffering caused by the combined effects of poverty and the AIDS epidemic in the villages of rural Kenya. The foundation was established in order to help these women and children in any way possible. With this goal in heart and mind, the foundation has determined that several problem areas need to addressed, including access to safe water, health care, education and microloans. 

Born to Aid has been supporting women and children with housing, education, medical care, and food. The foundation plans to build a school by April 2009 with up to 5 classroom on  land that Nasimiyu Wekesa donated to Born to Aid. Along with construction of the school, a borehole well will be drilled. Following the completion of the school project, Born to Aid  plans construction of  at least 2 small health care clinics. Concurrently, the foundation will arrange for and administer microloan programs in the same area. We will also raise money to purchase land and build an orphanage as well as construct small houses to be used as guest housing for volunteers in the future.
This is for everyone,.the children of Born to Aid saying…. When poverty and misfortune strikes one, it strikes all. I have been working with children, teaching them to make small sample jewelry so that they learn to support themselves. When we sell this jewelry it helps to pay for extras in school like buying story books, tuition, school trips, and uniforms.  

Born to aid is  a non profit 501(c)(3) foundation and an NGO registered in Kenya . 
Your donation is always greatly appreciated :  
*  To sponsor a child for a year. $470.00  
*  To feed a child for a year ,$760.00   
*  To build a classroom.for 35 children.. $2000.00  
*  To drill a well for a village for 300 people  $ 7500.00 Make one smile a day;